Hand-crafted wines  |  Marlborough, NZ

From our vineyard to you.

Small but mighty

Planted in the silt and sandy loam soils of the Foxes Island terrace in the Wairau river flats, the boutique vineyard is Bio-gro certified organic. 
It is planted at very high density in 877 clone Syrah vines in a low cropped French style with very narrow rows. The vines are 100% worked by hand at every stage to produce carefully grown fruit with a unique quality.

All by hand

Alcove WInes's unique little Bio-Gro certified organic vineyard dares to be different and consistently outputs excellent tonnes per hectare.
There are very few hectares of Syrah planted in Marlborough, especially in this narrow-rowed close-planted low-trellis style but Syrah is growing in popularity and plantings are becoming more common place. 

As Syrah develops in the region, interest from winemakers is intensifying and some excellent wines are being produced that reflect the qualities of the locality.

2022 Vintage Gallery

A selection of photos from our 2021/2022 Season.
Harvested in first week of April.
Fruit destined for sparkling & still Rosé.

2023 Vintage Gallery

A selection of photos from our 2022/2023 Harvest.
Harvested in second week of April with friends & family.
Fruit destined this time for several table Syrahs.

2024 Sneak Preview

2024 is shaping up to be our best vintage yet. We had great flowering with an excellent fruit set and we've had loads of sun since with soaring day time temps in the 30's and cool nights in the 10's.
We have converted to spur pruning which has helped control our typically crazy vigor. The canopy is holding really well and we're really looking forward to seeing how things ripen up!


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