You have stumbled across The Alcove, a little literary corner where Lydia and Esther, two gals from New Zealand, have gathered to share their thoughts about everything from books and wine to theatre and philosophy. Come and join us! 

You can learn our ‘Thoughts’ on anything and everything related to literature and the Arts or expand your own reading list by checking out our ‘Bookbag’ (only our very favourite literary reads, with pictures!). If you feel like a short story or an original piece of fiction, then head on over to the ‘Creative Hub’. But if it’s something more academic you’re after, you might like to read an ‘Essay’. In ‘Projects’ you can explore the many facets of what it takes to write a Masters thesis. Lydia’s series of blogs (written from July 2015 – June 2016) catalogue the entire process from start to finish in a first person narrative. And she's just started recording her PhD journey! You can also learn a little more about the crew behind this site over on the 'About Us' page. 

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